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Since 2001, Genevieve (Okupniak) Leonard has made short films that use both live action and animation filmmaking to present stories from unique perspectives. Her narrative projects use the horror and fantasy genre to illustrate issues in gender identity.

For the past 18 years, Genevieve has worked on over fifty productions in a variety of roles from storyboard artist to director. Her most notable film is a stop-motion animation series, Tattoo, which screened in Danger After Dark at the Philadelphia International Film Festival (PIFF) and Fantasia International Film festival (FIFF). She resumed commercial directing work in 2015, creating animated commercials for Drexel University. She has worked in the non-profit sector for clients such as SANYS (Self-Advocacy Association of New York State) and SDMNY (Supported Decision Making New York) creating a series of documentaries that educate the public about decisions made by disabled Americans. Her most recent directing work is for the agency Art & Commerce - creating 4 one-minute advertisements for the fashion website M2M TV.

The majority of her professional experience is in art education. Her fifteen year career in academia demands a high-level of technical understanding and practice. She has used this knowledge to experiment with unorthodox methods of audience participation. VR technology, transmedia, and interactive theater (film screening combined with theater actors, animation projected on live actors) are practices that she continues to refine with her peers and students in workshops at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY. She is currently working in the New York area as a freelance animator and director, participating as an active member of ASIFA and Women in Animation.

Her latest work for the agency Art & Commerce can be found at the M2M Videos page. She also has an ongoing blog of illustrated poetry at Flash Fiction Tumbr and monthly submission for the Rubber Onion Animation Battle are found on the Videos page.

Moving On - 2018

Moving On - 2018