Character Design Entries

In order to improve my digital painting skills, I've decided to participate in the Character Design Challenge (CDC). It's a monthly contest where organizers choose a theme then conceptual artists produce a design for the site. I'm the type of artist that needs a deadline for motivation. As the months pass, I'll be posting my progress here. Progressions in technique and notes about the design will be posted below the illustration. 

African Tribes : Himba Tribe Woman

This was my first digital illustration in a very long time. It is flat, but I'm happy about the color pallet and details (face/hair/ornaments). This design is based on the Himba Tribe in Nambia. They believe the deity, Mukuru, can be summoned using Holy Fire - which the woman is carrying. Her body and hair are covered in red ochre cream which protects her from the harsh climate and gives her identity in the tribe. I've really enjoyed researching for this project and will continue to do so for future entries.

Baroque Aristocracy : Pope Urban VIII

Being raised Catholic, I have the immediate opinion that Aristocracy = Vatican. The design is an exaggerated depiction of Pope Urban VIII. During his reign, he bankrupted the institution by spending reserves on lavish artworks. He also took part in condemning Galileo's research in support of heliocentrism - understanding the sun is the center of our galaxy instead of the earth. The pope wore red, but the design looked like Santa, so I changed it to blue. My use of value to create volume is improving. I'm also pleased with how I've exaggerated his figure to illustrate narcissism and gluttony.

August Entry will go here.

Come back at the end of the month to see next month's entry!