Stitch - Short Film

Katie attempts to keep her daughter, Angie, from falling apart by sewing her skin back together.

Stitch is a short film about a mother-daughter relationship.


Katie - Main Character

Katie is a middle age, single mother who is caring for her only daughter, Angie. We meet Katie at a vunerable time in her life where she is overwhelmed by her responsibilities.

Angie - Katie's Daughter

Angie is a nine year old girl struggling to fit into a private school. Her mother, Katie, is consistently forcing her to fit into her surroundings.

Angie - True Form

Angie is a mythological diety who is trying to fit into a little girl's body. The decimation of her people and her story of hiding are irrelevant to this chapter in her life. Angie is trying to be the best daughter she can be to her mother, if only her mother will listen to her needs.