Video Portfolio

Below is a curated selection of videos that demonstrate Genevieve’s abilities as an animator and filmmaker.

Please check out - M2M Videos, Moving On, and Volunteer Work for additional work.

Demo Reel for 2019 - After Effects and 3D Animation

Non Profit video for SANYS NYC - An advocacy group that educates the public on supported decision making practices amongst the disabled community in New York City. Videography, motion graphics, and post production by Genevieve Leonard. Uploaded by SANYS Media on 2018-05-25.

Luck is equally good and bad. It can be found on the face of a coin or through an unmarked door. This loop was created for the Loop De Loop competition - May 2018 - Theme : Lucky. All assets - 2D and 3D - were created and designed by Genevieve Leonard. Music by - Eternity Bro - Track : Cash Me Outside __ Licensed by Premium
Submitted October 2017
The footage was shot on 16mm B&W Reversal film with a Bolex, transferred to VHS, digitized using RCA cables and an old 8mm camcorder, then edited in Avid and FCP. Cast - Stephanie Okupniak Sound Design - Tim Stutts Direction, Animation, Cinematography - Genevieve Okupniak
This short was shot using a Cannon Power Shot and edited in FCP. Cast - Stephanie Okupniak Sound Design - Tim Stutts Title Design - Dave Van Allen with Innomations LTD Director, Animator, Cinematographer - Genevieve Okupniak