Video Portfolio

Below is a curated selection of videos that demonstrate Genevieve’s abilities as an animator and filmmaker.

Please check out - M2M Videos, Moving On, and Volunteer Work for additional work.

Demo Reel for 2018 - After Effects and 3D Animation

Luck is equally good and bad. It can be found on the face of a coin or through an unmarked door. This loop was created for the Loop De Loop competition - May 2018 - Theme : Lucky. All assets - 2D and 3D - were created and designed by Genevieve Leonard. Music by - Eternity Bro - Track : Cash Me Outside __ Licensed by Premium
Submitted October 2017
The footage was shot on 16mm B&W Reversal film with a Bolex, transferred to VHS, digitized using RCA cables and an old 8mm camcorder, then edited in Avid and FCP. Cast - Stephanie Okupniak Sound Design - Tim Stutts Direction, Animation, Cinematography - Genevieve Okupniak
This short was shot using a Cannon Power Shot and edited in FCP. Cast - Stephanie Okupniak Sound Design - Tim Stutts Title Design - Dave Van Allen with Innomations LTD Director, Animator, Cinematographer - Genevieve Okupniak