Community Work - Haunted House Performances

Part of my artistic practice includes volunteering time and skill for the local community. Below are samples of work that I’ve produced for a New Jersey elementary school’s annual fall fundraiser - a family friendly Haunted House.

Haunted House - 2018

This year was a collaboration between a local elementary school and the Girl Scouts of America. The theme was a haunted pirate ship. The girls recited sections of a poem that told the story of the lost pirate crew. There is a section where the video cuts out and the girls were expected to jump-scare the audience with the last line of the poem.

The video was projected on a semi-transparent fabric hung from the ceiling. A fan was rippling the fabric to create a ghostly effect.

The performance had a new group every five minutes for four hours a night over two nights in October 2018.

To the left is the full video.

Below is footage of the video in performance.

Haunted House - 2017

This year’s theme was Haunted Hotel. The skit was to illustrate how the sentient items in the coat check were jealous of their masters dancing the night away at the annual Monster Mash ball. I created the video above, include the puppet coat check monster that scares the guests at the end of the video.

Haunted House - 2016

This was the first year collaborating with the elementary school. I was assigned the school’s library. The guests were given a tour of haunted items around the library while the video was being played. This video only includes the animated segments. No footage of the performance space is included.