Overcoming Myth

February - March topic for the LoopDeLoop compilation is Myth. I decided to kill two birds with one stone by combining my need to commemorate Women's History Month and to fulfill the theme of the challenge. This animation is designed to encourage the audience to debunk myths about the female body with knowledge.

** New York WINNER! March 2018 - Check out LoopDeLoop.org - Moving On Post


Moving On - Looped Animation - March 2018

Artist Notes : Mythology is used often to create female identity in society. People (both men and women) have been observed to use superstition to explain issues in women's health. Without research, women continuously suffer. My goal is for anyone viewing this animation to be empowered to help women move forward. 

Myth : Vagina Dentata

The idea that vaginas have teeth is ancient, literally. Vagina dentata came from Sigmund Freud's metaphor - comparing the Greek Myth of Medusa decapitating Perseus to a man's fear of castration.

Myth : Wandering Uterus

This idea was inspired by Terri Kapsalis's Hysteria, Witches, and The Wandering Uterus : A Brief History. The article explores how early physicians used this theory to explain away the classic of all female myths, Hysteria. 

Myth : Masturbation Causes Flat Breasts

This idea, advertised in the late 1800's, was created "to deter young women from masturbation". - John S. Haller, professor emeritus of history and medical humanities at Southern Illinois University and author of “The Physician and Sexuality in Victorian America.”

Director - Genevieve Leonard  - Additional Credits Include - animation (2D and 3D), textures, compositing, color, environment modeling, illustration / design ----- This project was made possible by using the following resources --- Turbosquid.com , Woman Model by - Eugene FokinWoman Rig by - TruongFlower Model by - Miss MarusyaColor Pallet Inspired by - Colourlovers.com, Music - “Will You Follow Me” by Tiny Music via PremiumBeat.com * All resources are properly licensed for web distribution.